Blanc des Noirs

What is the meaning of Blanc des Noirs

Blanc de Noirs, i.e. "white from black", is the French term describing a white wine made from red grapes.

Many people believe that red wine is made from red grapes and white wine from green grapes but they are wrongWhen the grapes are pressed, the juice is white no matter the variety of grapes is used. But if the juice is left in contact with the bark of red grape, dyes will be washed out by this, and the color of wine will be changed. These pigments belong to a family of compounds called "anthocyanins" which are responsible for the coloring of many fruits and vegetables, when red grapes are pressed, the juice is allowed to ferment after separated from the bark so the result is a white wine, referred as «blanc de Noirs", which is a white wine from black grapes.