Liastos Wine

Liasto Wine
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Manufacturer: Nakos Winery

Natural sweet wine from red varieties Xinomavro and Moschomavro.

Perfumery of dried fruit, cinnamon and other sweet spices.

Served to dessert or with sweets.

Ideal serving temperature 8-10°C. but also rooms temperature. 


A few words about Liasto wine

Prepared by definitely grapes sweet, araioroga, clean and mature. It is rigorous sorting these by each vineyard. The varieties are used mostly is Xinomavro and Moschomavro. They should be harvested and transported with care in order not to break their nipples and begins earlier fermentation. Then used "liastres" on which the grapes carefully placed, which come into shady but airy place where they will stay at least 80 days reaching and 170. In Siatista they said that the sundried can start consumed after three years at least.

The liasto wine has perfumes, flavors and colors that they vary according to the age and varieties. It is a special wine which new is light orange, red when aged and finally gets brownish tinge.

In liasto wine also attributed healing properties, sometimes doctors in Siatista along with prescription they also recommend it a glass of local wine.

Many attributes the characteristics of liasto wine particularly in the high alcoholic strength not only to varieties and the way of wine and some yeast strains that have developed resistance to alcohol which is in the grapes of the region. This case however is controlled scientifically.

The liasto wine was always a precious gift only consumed at special moments and offered to special guests and good friends.

The tear of stone and sun.


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