Nakos Winery


Where is Nakos winery located?

Our winery is located in Siatista at the area of Bara, it is near the exit of Highway “Egnatia”.

How many acres is the estate?

About 113 acres

Is Nakos winery open for guided tour?

At the moment its not, but it will be in a few months.

How can I order from Nakos winery?

Just contact with us at:
(T) (+30) 2465023450
(M) (+30) 6972995935
(F) (+30) 2465022879

Nakos winery


Does your winery use organing farming?

Yes, Nakos winery is using organic farming, you can learn more here

What types of wines do you produce?

We produce four types of wine:

What are the main grape varietes?

Xinomavro and Moschomavro

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