Nakos winery

Organic farming

Organic farming is used to our vineyards, organic farming is an agricultural method in which are using standart practices for grape production.
These practices concern lubrication and plant protection. The fertilization applied to maintain soil fertility should be done with vegetable and animal residues.
Plant protection for the treatment of diseases and insects should be done with the help of certain approved chemical compounds.

Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.

Nakos winery

Biological wine

Biological wine is made from grapes which they had produced without usage of artificial or synthetic chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticibes.
Biologic agriculture work friendly with nature and not against her.
For example the winemakers support the technique of covered vineyards. In this technique they cover the vines to become a habitat for beneficial insects which they are natural enemies for species in danger.
Also thing a small flock of sheep grazing among the rows of vines eating grass and weeds, this helps the vine to become a self-regulated natural ecosystem, capable of combating alone crop issues that means that does not require artificial and potentially toxic chemicals.

Nakos winery

Biological & Certificated wine

Today you will found many organic wine labels on a self store or in your favorite bar catalogue but you should pay attention if it is certified.
Certification is provided by an indepedent third service which conducts annual checks and inspections on wineries vinellards who applied for biological certification. This strict procedure is to ensure that the grapes are developed with the stringent standards of certification bode and Ministry of argiculture. It is illegal for a winemaker to sell or promote their wine without certification.

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