How we started

Nakos family owned more than 100 ha vineyards and always made wine for home needs by keeping the family tradition. The winery was an initiative of John Nakos who after working in business for many years abroad, transferred the experience and technology to set up the winery. He created Nakos Winery in parallel with other family’s business in production and trade activities.


High quality in production and service has always been the first concern in any productive and commercial activity signed by the Nakos family businesses. Wine production throughout the process follows the same concept. Passion and love for the vineyards lead the winemaking process to high standards.


John Nakos is a creative person, who never stopped improving and enriching his business. He’s always open in new technology and collaborations with skilled human resources.

Nakos winery promise

We thrive in making fine wines that enrich the taste&soul.


Nakos family vineyards cultivated with care and under the supervision of specialized agronomists. Some viticulturists of Siatista area decided to collaborate under the Nakos Winery supervision. New vineyards added to the property during the recent years, thus Nakos Winery is now able to produce sufficient quantities and is considered among the region’s main wineries.


A complete range of labels has been created through the years. Winery produce quality wines of Protected Geographical Indication Siatista. Wines respond to high quality raw material, handling and packaging by applying the food safety management system ELOT EN ISO 22000: 2005. Added value is an Important Awards collection in International Competitions and many positive comments by wine professionals.


Νew generation of the family renews and reorganizes the winery by using new technology and applying international standards. Nakos Winery winemakers continue to work hard to have a good future in prospect for their wine, to always be among the best wine proposals in all markets and to adequately represent the potential of the terroir of the region.

Nakos winery

Our Timeline


Winery build

Nakos family has a long tradition in producing wine. New winery was built by John Nakos beside one of the old family vineyards near the byzantine church of St Achilles. Nakos winery is located right after the “Egnatia Odos” Motorway Exit of Siatista, overlooking the magnificent Mountain Bourinos.



Winery equipped

The winery is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for processing the wines. Human resources are enhanced by qualified personnel. The new labels of wines are being featured at international exhibitions and are participating in international wine competitions, gaining recognition for their quality.



New investment

The company BROS C. NAKOS SA is making new investment, is being reorganized and now the winery is emerging as one of the most dynamic and competitive production companies in the region.



Renew guest space

Nakos winery renews the guests space for groups and soon will be in position to offer incredible gastronomic experiences on exceptional wines of xinomavro, moshomavro and other local grapes grown over the very specific geological site of Siatista . All the wines produced by applying food safety international management system ELOT EN ISO 22000: 2005 and are Protected Geographical Indication Siatista.


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