Red Wine

Red wine from red varieties Xinomavro and Moschmavro, coming from mountainous vineyards of Nakos estate from Siatista using organic cultivation


Xinomavro & Moschomavro


Red Wine




Red Wine




750 mL

Wine specs

Tasting notes

Produced from “Nakos winery another excellent wine, from red varieties “Xinomavro” & “Moschomavro” using organic cultivation at our mountainous vineyards at Siatista.

Produced with traditional method of red vinification and aged for 10 months in oak barrels, its coming to your table with aromas of : barries, tomato, plum, tobacco, leather.

Grapes we are using for the production of our wines are coming exclusively from our vineyards at the territory of Siatista.

Wine specs

Food pairing notes

You can combine our red wine almost with every meal. It is served at 17 ° C and ideally accompanies traditional flavors of the nothern greek kitchen which is based on red meat and not only….

Wine ageing

Winemaker notes

The determing point for splicing is the passage or rather the wine must stay in cask. The resources of barrel allows the entrance of oxygen which reacts with several wine components by creating all the reactions of so-called oxidative maturation (ripening), at the same time wood and wine interact well. Therefore we can say that the schematic in the barrel ageing is a three reason process : wine, barrel, oxygen.

Therefore the oak is indispensable for making barrels. Wine inside to a barrel is exampted from over phenolic substances which contains while we have many welding tannin between them that gives less “styfes”. This procedure will help to ensure that our wine will have “soften” & “rounds” tasty however it’s worthy stressing that the passage from oak barrel is not mendatory for all the red wines. More particular “Nouveau” does not pass by default from barrel, some red wines without lot of “tannins” will not benefit in a long stay into a barrel but there are also wines thet needs long time to reach in a good point of maturity. The time that is spent a wine in a barrel set pieces at one year.

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