Rose wine

Rose wine
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Manufacturer: Nakos Winery

Rose dry wine from Xinomavro Moschomavro varieties grown on mountainous vineyards in Siatista.

It has bright color, perfumes of strawberry and raspberry and of course pleasant refreshing taste. Serve at 10- 12 ºC.

Ideally combined with everyday simple dishes such as seafood, fish and also meat which is highlighting them.


A few words about the product

Generally, rosé wines come mainly from red grapes and wine similar to red. In the same way the red wines produced, but with less exposure of the wort in the peel of the grape, is achieved pink color that characterizes the class. Both varieties are used and the duration of contact with the skin are key factors that determines the intensity and tone of pinkish color. Typically, the contact of the must with the skins lasts no longer than 24 hours. 

In mouth rosé wines usually have medium body with bold, fruity mouth perfumes and long aftertaste.

The distinct acidity helps their balance offsetting potential residual sugars.

It is a wine that is drunk all over the year, rosé wine is particularly enjoyable, almost perfect for spring and summer.

Rosé is the wine with the widest range of combinations with food than any other type of wine .

The perfumes and light taste make an excellent companion for picnics, seafood, white meats and why not for a burger or a steak on the grill .


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