The winery “Nakos” is located in the area Bara, Siatista near the exit of the Highway Egnatia  (here for the map).  Siatista is a town of  the Western Macedonia located in a mountainous 900 meter-altitude-area, that is characterized as a rocky place which is ideal for the vine cultivation.

Our vineyards

Τhe vineyard of Western Macedonia with the 9.8% in the wine map of Greece, occupies the 5th place among  9 wine regions in terms of area. From end to end, the entire wine area of Macedonia has a huge dynamics. 
The property extends over an area of .. 
acres. Here, traditional vineyard varieties, such as the “Xynomavro” and
the “Moschomavro” are being cultivated, through the organic farming   procedure,   which brings about unique wines in the region.
The grapes that are used for the production of our wines come exclusively from the area of Siatista and from the private organic farming   vineyards.



The area is ideal for the wine cultivation, thanks to its dry climate and to theslope of the territory which is helpful for the finest drainage, and to the clean air with strong currents that blow throughout the course of the year, with an average temperature of 12-14 degrees Celsius. The clayey and calcareous terrain is particularly favorable to the growth of vines.



Hang grapes

Nakos_Winery_Hang_grapes_1 Nakos_Winery_Hang_grapes_2 Nakos_Winery_Hang_grapes_2

Nakos_Winery_Hang_grapes_4 Nakos_Winery_Hang_grapes_5 Nakos_Winery_Hang_grapes_6


It takes place in stainless steel tanks and wine-makers, as well as in the cellar where the wine is stored in oak barrels, in which the aging of wine takes place as well. All the above things mentioned, are based in an air-conditioned basement where operates a system that fills the empty space with inert gas.

Nakos_Winery_storage_1 Nakos_Winery_storage_2 Nakos_Winery_storage_3

Nakos_Winery_storage_4 Nakos_Winery_storage_5 Nakos_Winery_storage_6


Nakos_Winery_bottling_1It is fully automated with the latest machinery like:

  • complex machine for laundering 
  • complex bottling machine
  • complex cork placement machine
  • optical control device filling bottles and cap presence
  • machine for the placement and the application of the capsules
  • machine for the application of flat labels machine for the storage and the carton sealing

nakos_winery_bottling_2 Nakos_Winery_bottling_3 nakos_winery_bottling_4 nakos_winery_bottling_7